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Engiven's crypto giving widgets and time-saving software help primary and secondary educational institutions securely engage with cryptocurrency transactions. Discover untapped donor markets with the #1 most secure crypto donation software.

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Engage confidently with crypto fundraising

If your university isn’t accepting crypto donations, you may be missing out on a wealth of opportunities. Engiven has created the world’s most secure crypto fundraising tool to help schools like yours embrace the future of fundraising.

"Engiven has been great. The website is easy to navigate and almost everything is automated. Whenever we have a question, the team is always quick to get back to us. We can incorporate Engiven’s features into our website and customize it to our brand standards."

Arizona State University Foundation

Simple to implement & Automate

Quick & easy sign up process
Dedicated support & training for implementation
Implementation Options without Code
Automated receipting & tax doc preparation for you and your donors
Easily customize your giving page to your brand's specifications
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Save time with automated 8282s, 8283s, & appraisals

Automatically receive 8282's for each donation received. All you have to do is sign and send to the IRS.
Initiate complimentary 8283's & appraisals directly from their donation receipt (as applicable).
Save your staff hours of administrative tasks.
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Leverage the Engiven API & Enterprise solutions

Completely white-labeled donor experience
Seamlessly integrate crypto into your existing solutions
Customizable solutions to meet your Enterprise Risk Management & Information Security requirements
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Security is paramount

Engiven leads the way in security and compliance. Since its founding, Engiven has become the market's most secure and compliant crypto-donation platform, going above and beyond to ensure your funds and privacy are protected.

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SOC 2 Type I certified

We are the world’s first crypto donation platform to achieve SOC2 Type 1 Certification. Learn More →


Through Engiven's partner exchange, crypto transactions are monitored on the blockchain to ensure donor integrity.

Multi-factor authentication

Engiven uses multi-factor authentication to protect accounts from unauthorized use.

Insurance coverage

Engiven and its partner exchange maintain insurance coverage against certain types of losses

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Why choose Engiven?

White labeled & customizable giving widget

Customize your giving widget with your logo and cover photos to match your existing branding.

95+ cryptocurrencies supported

Engiven supports the transactions of 95+ cryptocurrencies. For a complete list, click here.

World class security

Security is our top priority at Engiven. We've worked hard to build a product that our clients can trust.

Real human support

Our support team is eager is assist when you have questions. We pride ourselves in an average response time of under one hour (during business hours).

Powerful sutomation

By automating the crypto donation process, your nonprofit can, “Set it and forget it.” Engiven will handle your end-to-end crypto processing and reporting needs.

White glove services

Engiven has processed many of the world’s largest crypto donations through our “White Glove” service to your most valued donors.

Engiven Vs. The Giving Block & Dafs & Exchanges

What sets Engiven apart?

= Market leader
= Market competitor
= Not available
Giving Block
Customized giving page
SOC-2 compliant
No contracts
Automated tax forms & appraisals
Multiple funds included
API / Enterprise integration
Zero set up fees
Automated exchange for USD

Powerfulfeatures. Simplepricing.

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+ What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, also known as Virtual Currency or “Crypto,” is a digital asset designed to function as a replacement for fiat (US Dollars, for example) whereby transactions between two parties are verified through a public, distributed ledger, also known as a blockchain. Most people think of Bitcoin when they hear the word “Crypto.” While Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced, there are thousands of unique cryptocurrencies in circulation, each with its own specific properties and values. Learn more at:

+ Which cryptocurrencies can my nonprofit accept?

Once your nonprofit is on the Engiven platform, you are able receive over 95 different cryptocurrency tokens. For a complete list, click here.

+ How does Engiven’s custody (hold crypto) service work?

Engiven Custody enables Premium users to create designated giving funds where donated crypto is held, not exchanged. When a donor chooses this fund from the giving page, the donated cryptocurrency is deposited into a custody account and held. When the nonprofit wishes to exchange the held crypto for USD, they have this functionality by using their Engiven dashboard (custody to exchange fees apply).

+ What are the fees for Engiven’s custody service?

All donations that are deposited into a custody account will be charged a 1.5% fee at the time of deposit. When these funds are exchanged for USD, there will be an additional 1.5% fee for the exchange and a $125 fee assessed by our custody partner, Gemini Trust, LLC each time a crypto asset is moved from cold storage and exchanged for USD. Additionally, Gemini will assess a .04% annual fee on the assets held in custody (assessed monthly in the native assets held).

+ How do I use the Engiven platform?

Use the quick and simple sign up form at Once signed up, verify your organization, create a fund such as “general giving,” create a giving widget/button, and embed the giving widget/button on your website. Once the giving widget/button is active, your nonprofit can begin receiving cryptocurrency donations. Once donations are received, they are automatically converted to fiat currency (USD). For nonprofits who import existing wallets, they can use our advanced liquidation features.

+ How do I exchange cryptocurrency for US dollars?

The Engiven platform automatically exchanges your cryptocurrency donations for USD at the time of donation. Alternatively, you may import an existing wallet via our “advanced features,” and liquidate cryptocurrency donations manually.

+ What does Engiven’s Standard product offer?

Engiven Standard provides everything your nonprofit needs to accept and exchange cryptocurrency donations without any set up fee or monthly fee. Engiven Standard includes:
• Giving widget with your logo
• Ability to accept 95+ cryptocurrencies
• One designated giving fund such as “General Giving”
• Automated donation receipts for donors
• Automated exchange for USD• Fast deposits into your local bank account
• Email notifications for every donation
• Engiven dashboard with full transparency reporting on donations
• Multi-user administration
• Email based support
• No set up fee or monthly fee
• 4% service fee on gifts received

+ What does Engiven’s Premium product offer?

Engiven Premium provides everything your nonprofit needs to accept and exchange cryptocurrency donations with increased functionality for nonprofits that benefit from more advanced features and functionality. Engiven Premium includes:
• Customized giving page and/or embedded giving form
• Unlimited designated giving funds
• Unlimited giving widgets
• Custody service option (hold crypto in cold storage)
• Automated tax form generation and workflow (8282 & 8283)
• Ability to accept 95+ cryptocurrencies
• Automated donation receipts for donors
• Automated exchange for USD
• Fast deposits into your local bank account
• Email notifications for every donation
• Engiven dashboard with full transparency reporting on donations
• Multi-user administration
• Email and live support
• 3% service fee on gifts exchanged for USD
• $1,500 annually or $150 monthly