Accept Cryptocurrency Donations
With Ease

Create exceptional impact for your nonprofit by automating your crypto donation process so your staff can focus on the mission.

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Engiven Has a Better Way to Donate Crypto

A Safe and Elegant Donor Experience

Our white labeled product allows you to seamlessly customize the giving page to your brands look and feel.

Check out how Compassion International is leveraging Engiven's crypto donation platform!

Security is Paramount

Engiven is the world’s first crypto donation platform to achieve SOC2 Certified, which means data security is handled.

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

Engiven provides robust blockchain monitoring and realtime notifications for the nonprofit.

Automatic USD Conversion + Tax Reporting

After you receive a donation, an automated receipt will be sent to your donor, and your funds will be exchanged for USD automatically. With Engiven’s Premium Crypto Solution, donors who give more than $5,000 automatically receive a free appraisal.

Simplify Complex Giving

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