PPF is a full-service and client-centric charitable fund creator and financial administration firm. PPF provides athletes, celebrities, associations, corporations, and philanthropists with simple, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for self-funding, raising, and distributing charitable assets. PPF is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Maryland charitable trust

classified as a public charity. PPF operates as the fiduciary by enabling individuals and associations to engage in philanthropy without the fiscal, legal, and operational burden of establishing a new stand-alone nonprofit. PPF’s primary charitable vehicle, fiscal sponsorship, gives clients the ability to significantly focus on the importance of carrying out the project’s mission. Through fiscal sponsorship with PPF, individuals and associations obtain immediate 501(c)(3) status which gives clients the ability to solicit tax-deductible donations, apply for and make grants, host fundraisers/events, and operate mission-driven programs to support their varied charitable mission(s).

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