Amp is a general-purpose collateral token created to speed up and streamline transfers for any real-world application. Transfers of value are guaranteed and can settle instantly when using Amp as collateral. Amp is held in escrow by a collateral manager until the underlying asset reaches final settlement, a process that might take seconds or days. The Amp collateral is released and made available to collateralize another transfer after the transaction successfully settles. Amp was created to act as a general form of collateral for any project or person. Any asset can be used as a quick and secure form of trade when Amp is used as collateral. There is a natural tension when transmitting digital assets between security and speed. In the case of bitcoin transactions, the longer the recipient waits for confirmations, the more permanent the transaction is; ho Hwever, in many real-life circumstances, such as when making payments, where time is of the essence, waiting for many confirmations might not be realistic. The adoption of cryptocurrencies in the real world has been made difficult by the inherent tradeoff between speed and security. Amp offers quick asset transfers without sacrificing security by acting as collateral. In essence, Amp transforms into a universal clearing layer for transfers and frees up resources that would otherwise need to be unlocked before being used. Any asset can profit from this unique capability to use any asset instantly after transfer, whether it is digital or physical, a cryptocurrency or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

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