Ankr, one of the fastest-growing decentralized infrastructure providers in the world, uses ANKR as its native utility and governance token. Access to Ankr Network, the most decentralized infrastructure protocol in use, is provided through ANKR token. Users pay ANKR to send queries to the many blockchains they must interface with by using a flexible and cheap pay-as-you-go mechanism. An infrastructure shift from centralized to decentralized is Web3's next major development. By building a decentralized infrastructure ecosystem and market powered by the ANKR token, Ankr is bringing about that future. Whether you're a user, node supplier, or stakeholder on the Ankr Network, ANKR streamlines all network activities. This facilitates the delivery of community-driven goods and a Web3-native experience. Owners of ANKR tokens are guaranteed a voice in the direction the platform and goods take thanks to the Ankr decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). ANKR is the governance token that grants users voting rights and democratizes the Ankr network.This entails coming up with new governance proposals, casting votes on issues that concern you, and directing the future of the Ankr Network. Owners of ANKR tokens can stake their investments with entire nodes of the Ankr Network in order to partake in the returns.

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