Audius is first and foremost a marketplace that links musicians and fans, as well as a platform for decentralized music distribution and discovery. Additionally, Audius gives artists the ability to create immutable, time-stamped records of their work, reducing the risk of copyright violations or material theft. The protocol-specific AUDIO token is at the core of the ecosystem's governance structure. Through network-based token staking and incentivization, the AUDIO token is intended to improve the fairness, accessibility, security, and governance of the Audius crypto ecosystem. A wide range of network stakeholders should be able to actively participate in meaningfully decentralized blockchain governance. As a result, in order to maintain the project's long-term viability, node operators, artists, and fans are granted collective voting rights that, when exercised through AUDIO staking, give them the ability to add new features, modify royalty rates, change the criteria for allocating fee pool funds, change token distribution metrics, and change staking reward rates over time. Additionally, using AUDIO tokens will enable musicians to employ a variety of incentive tools systems, such as badges, higher earnings multipliers, as well as their own unique artist tokens and NFTs. The Audius platform will eventually make it possible to unlock paid content using external, network-specific stablecoins, allowing content producers to determine their own prices and giving users of the platform access to simple fractional payment methods.

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