Basic Attention Token


Basic Attention Token

BAT is the token that fuels the Brave ecosystem and is awarded by anonymously monitoring a user’s attention in the active tab of the Brave web browser, securely and on-device. Brave is a blockchain-based digital advertising browser. Users of the Brave browser choose to participate in an attention-based, all-inclusive advertising program. To gauge user attention, the Brave web browser employs sophisticated algorithms (based on time and the overall amount of content viewed). Users receive the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in accordance with their usage of the Brave browser via Brave Rewards. BAT is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum that enables users to take part actively in the publishing and advertising economy. No further BAT tokens will be produced after the complete BAT User Growth Pool has been used up. The advertiser's own smart contracts are used to install BAT. These smart contracts pay publishers BAT based on how much users' attention is assessed. Users who view the advertisement are also given a piece of the BAT included in the smart contract, which causes the BAT to be delivered. BAT tokens are delivered to users' Brave Rewards Wallets. Then, users can transfer BAT to an external wallet address, use them within the ecosystem, or contribute them back to their preferred publications.

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