Bitcoin Cash


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency and blockchain with the goal of becoming an electronic cash payment system. By handling more transactions than Bitcoin, it sets itself apart. Although technically similar to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is more likely to be used as a payment system than a store of value because of its larger blocks. The digital asset token of the Bitcoin Cash network is known as Bitcoin Cash, or BCH. The Bitcoin Cash blockchain contains a record of every BCH balance and transaction. The smallest unit of BCH, like Bitcoin, is called a "satoshi," which is equal to 10-8 BCH or one hundred millionth of a BCH (0.00000001 BCH). You can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash for fiat money or other virtual currencies. Bitcoin Cash is comparable to "digital cash" (i.e., a medium of exchange). Its goal is to develop a larger block, higher transaction throughput, lower fee electronic peer-to-peer cash system. The Bitcoin Cash network has a 8 megabyte block size while the Bitcoin network only has a 1 megabyte blocksize (2 megabytes with Segregated Witness transaction format) and is only capable of processing 7 transactions per second. In contrast, Visa, a centralized, international payment network, can process 24,000 transactions per second and more than 150 million per day.

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