Bonfida is a software package that offers Serum and Solana user-friendly front-end interface. Built on Solana, Serum is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports cross-chain support. The user interface of Bonfida communicates with Serum's API to enable traders to view charts and place market orders. In order to execute transactions on Serum automatically, traders can also create Bonfida bots. Other traders can subscribe to these bots by paying a subscription fee in FIDA. A decentralized method for mapping.sol domain names to on-chain data is offered by Bonfida's Solana naming service, which is also operated by Bonfida. FIDA is a Solana network-compliant SPL token. On the Bonfida platform, FIDA holders can vote on and draft suggestions for governance and products. FIDA tokens can also be used to pay for trading bot subscriptions on the Serum DEX and to buy .sol domain names.

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