The artist Murat Pak invented the social token known as ASH. Pak has had several NFT drops and has developed a cult following of collectors thanks to the mysterious and distinctive style of the artist. By transferring their NFT collections to a burning contract, Pak's NFT collectors can create ASH tokens. Pak developed the ERC-20 token known as ASH. By burning NFTs, ASH can be mined, creating a dynamic equilibrium for scarcity. Every NFT that is burned causes the remaining NFTs to become more scarce, benefiting collectors. Pak NFTs yield more ASH than other NFTs in ASH's two existing burn stages. The bonding curve process is used by both levels, although with different multipliers. Pak NFTs' tier curve begins at 1000 ASH, while other tier curves begin at 2 ASH yield. At 5 million tokens, there is a halving that affects all burn tiers. The supply of the fair launch token ASH was initially zero. The users of $ASH balance out the value, utility, and identity of the currency. Swaps and Liquidity Pools are developed by the community. The first NFT collection offered by Pak that took burning NFTs was called "The Fungible." Pak's collection, LostPoets, will permit the burning of NFTs as well. The majority of Pak collections are burnable for ASH.

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