CRV is the governance token of Curve. It is also used to pay liquidity providers.  Curve is a decentralized exchange that is optimized for swaps between assets that are pegged to the same value with little slippage and little charge. Similar to Balancer, Curve is an automated market maker that only deals in stablecoins, depending on liquidity pools and rewarding people that support the pools (e.g., DAI, TUSD, sUSD, GUSD, bUSD, USDC, etc.). It can be helpful for traders looking for arbitrage possibilities, traders looking to swap stablecoins, and liquidity providers looking to make money from interest and trading fees. Additionally, it provides a boost incentive system that enables users to lock in their token holdings for up to four years, allowing them to increase their liquidity and trading fees. Since fees are based on trading volume, days with high volume and high volatility are more valuable to liquidity providers.

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