Ethereum Name Service


Ethereum Name Service

Ethereum Name Service is a decentralized naming system built on the Ethereum network. ENS domains, such as "Engiven.eth," are distributed as NFTs. The NFTs are intended to be publicly accessible addresses on networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others that correspond to public keys. A Twitter profile, IPFS hashes, a regular DNS domain like "," and other metadata can be stored within an ENS domain. As of December 17, 2021, there were over 225,000 Ethereum addresses holding more over 550,000 ENS domains. ENS is an Ethereum network-compliant ERC-20 utility token. All ENS domain owners, ENS donors, and the ENS DAO community treasury received the ENS token in an airdrop. At launch, the ENS token will only be employed for community treasury and ENS protocol administration.

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