A register called Keep3rV1 or Keep3r Network connects businesses and other entities with technical experts, known as Keepers, who can carry out mundane chores like gathering farming harvest yields. A Keeper, sometimes known as a "job" in this context, is more particularly referred to as an external human, bot, and/or team that completes a typically autonomous task. A task could be as straightforward as calling a transaction or as complicated as requiring a significant amount of off-chain logic. The Keep3r Network's focus is on providing a matchmaking service rather than handling the management of these jobs directly. Based on their goals, each Keeper establishes their own devops and infrastructure and writes their own regulations. A Keeper must "bond" with a job in order to become one and obtain KP3R incentives for finishing jobs. A reward will be given to a bonded Keeper if they are chosen for a job and the job is successfully done. KP3R is an Ethereum network-compliant ERC-20 utility token with use cases in payment and governance.

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