Liquity USD


Liquity USD

By staking security, users of the Liquity system can borrow money in the form of the Liquity USD stablecoin, or LUSD. Liquity loans have a 0% interest rate, in contrast to rivals like MakerDAO, however they do have a loan creation fee. On Liquity, a loan must be at least 2,000 LUSD in size. Users must deposit ether into a "trove" in order to borrow money. Although Liquity does not offer a frontend interface to engage with the protocol, it does make its native utility token, LQTY, available to encourage others to create frontend interfaces. LUSD is an Ethereum network-compliant, USD-pegged ERC-20 coin. By putting cryptocurrency up as collateral on the platform, Liquity users can create LUSD.

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