Merit Circle


Merit Circle

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Merit Circle seeks to maximize yield in both the metaverse and play-to-earn (p2e) games. The DAO oversees money distributed to managers and participants in games where players can win cryptocurrency. The initiative intends to create chances for anyone who want to contribute to the metaverse's development to earn MC through play-and-earn platforms. Its network offers educational and scholarship possibilities to help gamers on their path to becoming cryptocurrency miners in the metaverse. Gamers, community leaders, and DAO contributors make up the ecosystem. Initially called as Axie 420, Merit Circle was a scholarship initiative for the blockchain-based Axie Infinity game. The DAO's goal with the rebrand is to diversify its portfolio of cryptocurrency games beyond Axie Infinity. Merit Circle has established partnerships with a number of companies, including Yield Guild Games, Sipher, UFO, Vulcan Forged, Nyan Heroes, and more. MC is an Ethereum network-compliant ERC-20 utility token. The public issuance of this governance token for Merit Circle took place as an auction on the Balancer liquidity bootstrapping pool, with a starting bid of $1.00. Voting is used to make decisions by owners of MC tokens.

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