The Terra network's Mirror Protocol, a DeFi protocol backed by smart contracts, permits the production of artificial assets known as Mirrored Assets (i.e., mAAPL, mTSLA, etc.). These mAssets offer traders price exposure without the responsibilities of owning or dealing in actual assets by simulating the market behavior of those real-world assets. The MIR coin, which runs the Mirror Protocol, has governance and utility functions. We support the multi-chain asset known as MIR on Ethereum (ERC-20). When purchased on Gemini, MIR can be transferred to wallets that work with Ethereum and then switched using a bridge to the original MIR. MIR has many applications, such as protocol governance and incentivizing platform liquidity providers. By staking MIR tokens, MIR holders can also take part in yield farming on other DeFi platforms.

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