RLY is a social token-oriented technology that enables creators to introduce their own token and establish a virtual market for their products. Rally, a Web3 social token platform that enables content producers, businesses, and celebrities to issue tokens, is the most well-known application in the RLY ecosystem. By tapping into their communities and providing rewards and perks, creators, such as broadcasters, artists, musicians, gamers, athletes, or general content makers, recruit new fans, keep existing ones, and monetize their fan bases. Creator tokens can be utilized for a wide range of purposes as specified by token issuers, such as access to exclusive Discord channels, use in retail stores, or use in NFTs. A portion of each sale of tokens made from the creator token back to RLY goes to the creator. The RLY token, credit/debit cards, or other well-known cryptocurrencies can be used to buy creator tokens, which can subsequently be exchanged for RLY and returned to the Ethereum mainnet. RLY is an Ethereum network-compliant ERC-20 governance and collateral token. The following are some use cases for RLY: community treasury governance (voting and proposal creation), social token creation, creator token liquidity, and community rewards.

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