SKALE is an open-source Web3 blockchain network. The SKALE DAO oversees the SKALE Network, which is run in an entirely transparent and decentralized manner. The SKALE Network is supported, operated, and governed by more than 50 different businesses, organizations, and DAOs. A decentralized multisig approval held by several distinct entities and contributors is required for all fundamental smart contract updates. Voting onchain will start in H2 2022. Additionally, the project is supported by thousands of engaged community members that contribute open source code, carry out quality control checks, and work on educational initiatives. The N.O.D.E Foundation and SKALE Labs are two more organizations that provide funding for the network. The main group responsible for formulating technical specifications, assisting with contributions to open source code, and informing the public about the technical aspects of the SKALE Network is known as SKALE Labs.

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