The native coin of the Solana blockchain is called SOL. The leaders who produce PoH sequences and the validators who process transactions are selected according on how much of a stake they have in the network's overall success, which is reflected by how much SOL they have staked. Most likely, the nodes with the highest stakes will be selected to approve and add transactions to the blockchain, thereby collecting the prizes. Because of this structure, individuals in charge of the network are strongly motivated to ensure that it operates effectively and without interruption. Users who only have a limited number of SOL can also assign their SOL to a validator with a bigger amount of SOL. They can do this even when they don't have enough SOL to become validators themselves, earning a percentage of the validator awards. Even those with modest SOL holdings are encouraged to help the Solana network using this technique of delegation. The fact that many people have financial stakes in Solana's network's smooth operation boosts the network's overall security. Because of the staking requirements to become an active network participant, it also discourages harmful and pointless individuals from assaulting the Solana blockchain.

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