December 21, 2021

End of Year Crypto to Charity: Serge Partners with Engiven

Serge Global Inc. has partnered with Engiven to offer a safe and secure way to donate cryptocurrency.


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Serge Global Inc. has partnered with Engiven to offer a safe and secure way to donate cryptocurrency. The goal is to raise $1,670,000 by May 2022 to fund long-term missionary care. Contributions will provide care for missionaries, from professional development to crisis management, so they can focus on sharing the love of Jesus.

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End of Year Crypto to Charity: Serge Partners with Engiven
Serge Selects Engiven to Enable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Crypto Donations

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF. --- On Monday, December 20, 2021 Engiven, a leading cryptocurrency donation services company, is pleased to announce its partnership with Serge Global Inc. to enable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular crypto donations across the United States to fund their mission of establishing churches and transforming communities. With year-end giving days away and pandemic expenses growing, Serge and other nonprofit organizations are looking for ways to maximize their year-end donations.
For the past 38 years, Serge has helped individuals and churches engage in global missions through medicine, education, business, the arts, community development, and church planting. Currently, Serge has more than 325 missionaries working in 25 countries. From providing skilled medical care where there is limited or no medical access to starting businesses by hiring women out of sex trafficking, Serge is committed to equipping local leaders to serve their communities.
"We're excited to partner with Serge," said James Lawrence, CEO of Engiven. “As an organization that equips local leaders to serve their community, they embody the type of life-transforming work our world needs. We look forward to serving them and providing technologies that will improve their ability to serve more people, especially during this pandemic."

Recently, Serge equipped a business for transformation (B4T) to provide jobs, faith-based leadership training, and dignity to women leaving the red light district. They were shut down for 60 days due to COVID. But because of donations, the women used their work hours to feed 300 people a day in the slums and red-light districts where they formerly worked.

Last year, new Serge workers launched a diabetes research program in Guatemala serving a community that literally lives in a landfill. In a country like Burundi that travels by foot, lower-leg injuries can be a death sentence. This year, the surgical team at Kibuye Hope Hospital performed their 1,000th SIGN (intramedullary) nail operation, representing 1,000 people who can now walk. Donors have enabled Serge doctors to innovate newer and cheaper life-saving surgeries such as this one, and they are also training the next generation of Burundian physicians.

Serge is seeking to raise $1,670,000 by May 2022 to fund long-term national and international missionary care. By partnering with Engiven to enable cryptocurrency donations, they hope to continue to provide support to missionaries who provide physical and spiritual care for their communities.

Jennifer Knaak, Director of Development of Serge, shares "We believe that the value and mainstream use of cryptocurrency has created a wonderful donation opportunity to meet real needs. We're grateful for our partnership with Engiven. They've provided a seamless platform to our next generation of fundraising tools."

Additionally, the impact of COVID-19 on the health care system and the economy is felt mostly by small children in Africa, and the intervention that could prevent the most deaths is providing nutritious food. At the height of the pandemic, Serge missionaries cared for 267 malnourished children through the Bundi-Nutrition program, a long-standing service in Bundibugyo, Uganda. Donations helped medical missionaries see 147 of the children discharged as cured after attending the program for just 10 weeks.

Not only are Serge doctors serving patients, they are equipping the next generation of physicians. In February 2020, Hope Africa University graduated 96 new physicians — its biggest class ever. These 96 new doctors join 192 who have gone before them to make 298 total graduates (44% of whom are women) — doubling the number of physicians in Burundi in 2012, changing the trajectory of healthcare in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Serge has continued to appoint and deploy even more missionaries during the pandemic. It makes innovative fundraising efforts like crypto donations critical.

"Across the world, we continue to see an unprecedented level of need," said Bob Osborne, Executive Director of Serge. “And during the pandemic, inquiries about signing up with Serge to go meet the need has nearly doubled. That is why we are focused on raising the funds to be able to send these folks as ambassadors of hope all over the world. Caring for them well is key for them to last on the field through inevitable difficulty and thus create lasting impact.”

Engiven's proprietary technologies equip nonprofit organizations to securely accept and liquidate cryptocurrency donations while eliminating the complexity and risk associated with cryptocurrency transactions. For more information about donating Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies to Serge, go to Serge Crypto.

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About Serge
Serge currently has more than 325 missionaries working in 25 countries worldwide, creating movements of grace reaching all people, renewing all believers, and restoring all things for the world’s good and God’s glory. For more information, contact Jennifer Knaak, Director of Development, at or 215.885.1811 x14.