October 17, 2023

Engiven Adds Estate Planning

Engiven SmartWill™ Expands Robust Donation Suite

60-70% of  Americans don't have a will or trust in place (Caring.com), meaning that most estates will become subject to an intestate process upon death. This process includes the freezing of all assets until a court ruling determines how the estate should be distributed.  And unless clearly specified, chances are slim to none the courts will rule in favor of a distribution to your organization.

Furthermore, with the average estate having a value of $746k (Forbes), that is a lot of lost potential for the anticipated philanthropic desires of your supporters.

To that end, Engiven is pleased to add a new product to its existing donation suite: Engiven SmartWill.  SmartWill is a will-creation service that Engiven clients can offer their donors, streamlining a traditionally complex process and providing donors with documents that are legally executable in all 50 states in less than 15 minutes.  And best of all, your donors don’t pay anything for the service.

Designed to handle simple will creation and complex estate planning, Engiven SmartWill is a one-stop-shop for individuals wanting to ensure both their loved ones and cherished organizations are supported.  Additionally, the process also allows individuals to establish Health and Finance powers of attorney if desired.

In addition to adding value to their donors, Engiven's nonprofit clients can expect to receive increased support from offering free will-creation services. Organizations that sponsor free will-creation services find that at least 20% of will-makers leave a gift to the sponsoring organization. 

Known primarily for its crypto donation technology, Engiven has made three major additions to expand its donation suite in 2023, including: 

  • Stock giving (launched May 2023)
  • Crypto.giving, a site for donors to send crypto to any registered nonprofit in the US (launched May 2023)
  • SmartWill™ (launched Oct. 2023)

To learn more about Engiven SmartWill, book a demo with Engiven's dedicated sales team HERE.