April 14, 2021

Engiven Selected by the Orang Utan Republik Foundation

Engiven joins forces with Orang Utan Republik Foundation to help protect the endangered species.

SAN DIEGO, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Engiven, a leading cryptocurrency donation services company, is pleased to announce that the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF) has selected the Engiven platform to enable Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency donations to fund their programs.

"Engiven is continuing our mission to "crypto-enable" the nonprofit community by partnering with the Orang Utan Republik," said James Lawrence, CEO of Engiven. "Large-scale destruction of biodiverse forests has reduced the orangutan's numbers as well as other species that share the rainforest habitat. Engiven is providing OURF with an onramp to accept cryptocurrency donations and to generate awareness of this critical need."

Siswi, an adult female orangutan living in Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesian Borneo, wearing a hat she constructed with leaves to protect her from the sun and rain.

The loss of biodiversity and rainforests continues to put the world in peril. Orangutan are a critically endangered species found only on the tropical islands of Borneo and Sumatra. These gentle arboreal primates are the "gardeners of the forest" and eco-engineers that help maintain the viability of forests through their daily foraging behavior.

The need to reduce human-wildlife conflict and increase protected habitat is essential, according to Dr. Gary Shapiro, president of OURF. "We only have another decade to turn things around to ensure the orangutan, wildlife and local people will have a sustainable future," said Shapiro, who continues, "Wild orangutans are shy by nature and hid from view in the forests, so crypto donations will help power our work to help save this cryptic but vitally important species. Our partnership with Engiven has made entering the cryptocurrency space an easy transition for us to provide donors with another way to contribute to our cause."

The Orang Utan Republik Foundation coordinates with partnering organizations to address the root causes affecting the current trajectory of environmental destruction including ignorance, poverty, fear, and indifference. Conservation education programs and reducing wildlife conflict with farmers by providing alternative solutions to their livelihood challenges are additional keys to success. OURF invests in the future of conservation on Borneo and Sumatra by providing multi-year scholarships to local students entering the fields of biology, forestry and veterinary science. Many will become orangutan advocates and influential leaders in conservation.

Engiven's donation management platform empowers nonprofit organizations to securely accept and liquidate cryptocurrency donations while eliminating most of the complexity. Engiven provides an enterprise level application and service that every nonprofit can operate and afford.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and 24 other cryptocurrencies can be donated to the Orang Utan Republik Foundation at: https://www.orangutanrepublik.org/crypto

About Engiven
Engiven provides cryptocurrency donation management services to nonprofits. For more information about Engiven, visit https://engiven.com or contact James Lawrence, Cofounder and CEO of Engiven at james@engiven.com.

About the Orang Utan Republik Foundation
The Orang Utan Republik Foundation is based in the Santa Monica, CA with a mission of saving wild orangutans through education and other innovative programs that enroll and empower local Indonesians to value and take action in support of the mission. For more information, visit https://www.orangutanrepublik.org or contact Dr. Gary Shapiro, President OURF at glshapiro@gmail.com or 310-780-0883.