February 1, 2023

How Crypto is Supporting Programs for Children and Youth

Justin Searway

The role of digital currencies in supporting children’s causes, facilitating brighter outcomes for today’s youth.

Though vulnerable and often underrepresented, children and youth are the future of every society and, thus, always represent a good investment. The well-being of youth is a crucial predictor of a society’s sustained success and health. Through several key partnerships, Engiven has begun facilitating crypto donations to support children’s causes, making brighter and more positive outcomes attainable for today’s children and youth.

Ending Child Homelessness 

Studies show that homeless youth without a high school diploma are 346% more likely to become homeless adults, preventing them from experiencing financial stability and self-actualization. Project Hope Alliance has enacted several initiatives to prevent child and youth homelessness by stabilizing families in their own homes and providing children with an exceptional education.

Project Hope Alliance is dedicated to breaking the generational cycle of homelessness one child at a time.

To achieve this goal, they embed trauma-informed case managers into schools to help break down barriers that lead to the generational cycle of homelessness. Their work is non-prescriptive so they can be responsive to each child's needs, offering them the best possibility for success. Their mission includes a promise to walk with vulnerable youth through the age of 24 to ensure they have the best opportunity for long-term independence.

High school graduation is an indicator of the effectiveness of the Project Hope Alliance wrap-around care model. The average graduation rate for students experiencing housing instability is 68%. A child who completes high school is 400% less likely to experience homelessness as an adult. For this reason, they prioritize getting the students to graduation and making plans for long-term independence.

In 2022, they graduated 96% of their students on time. Additionally, 18 of those students enrolled in some form of college.

Eight of those students went to a four-year university, and four of those students went away to college! For those particular students, it was the first and most consistent housing they had experienced in their lives. Two students went to a trade school, and one chose the military.

“This work is not a straight path,” said Chris Farwell, Individual Gifts Officer for Project Hope Alliance. “Sometimes we have easy barriers to breach, and sometimes they are much more challenging. But we remain vigilant that every child is worth the effort, and every child should have the opportunity to live their fullest life with stable housing.” 

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Igniting the promise of youth through mentoring relationships 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County empowers children to reach their full potential by creating one-on-one mentoring relationships throughout Madison and Dane County, WI. For more than half a century, their team of experts has developed research-based approaches to meet each child's unique requirements. Through mentorship, they can offer a supportive and secure relationship for young people, helping them succeed in the present and future.

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Overcoming oppression and gender inequality

“For too long, adolescent girls in poverty have been viewed as problems to be fixed, rather than partners from whom to learn,” reads Plan International’s website. “But girls know the changes they need in their lives, and it’s up to us to listen and work with them, and for them, to make that change happen.”

Plan International is a humanitarian nonprofit that partners with supporters, adolescent girls, and children worldwide to end gender inequality. They have operations in over 80 countries and 55,000 communities, offering crucial resources like protection and education to girls and working to remove barriers to their success. 

GirlEngage is Plan International’s new approach to development. It focuses on adolescent girls ages 10-18 and lets them become the drivers of change. For example, program organizers might anticipate that girls need toilets at school, but girls might prioritize having a way to get to school without being assaulted. They’re the experts. 

Plan International creates opportunities for girls to change the perspectives of their lawmakers so that they can work together to design gender-inclusive policies.

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Ending childhood health epidemics

Children’s Health Defense’s mission is to end early childhood health epidemics. They work aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards to prevent future harm.

Children’s Health Defense also provides educational resources on the following topics:

  • Health freedom
  • Fundamental human rights
  • Legal strategies
  • Health advocacy
  • Parental rights
  • Mandatory vaccination in schools

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For investors, cryptocurrency markets present an alternative to traditional financial institutions: decentralized finance in the form of fungible tokens. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a digital ledger using blockchain technology that verifies all transactions. Most cryptocurrency exchanges require proof of work (POW) to activate an account and begin to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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